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About this page

You are always one decision away from a different life


I get a lot of messages from people who seek to lose weight or get more toned but the questions they usually ask have little to do with the core of the problem.



The kind of protein powder or a gym membership you cannot afford or fit into your hectic schedule and lack of time is rarely the real problem. Becoming a mother does not make you fat either. Most of the time we are full of excuses and false beliefs that paralyse us. If I am fully confident that I can never lose weight because I was born chubby and have the genes to forever be stocky and having kids made me gain weight and I cannot afford PT sessions, childcare and protein shakes then I will forever fail to take action.  



You have to believe in yourself and use your creative energy not to come up with excuses but to generate reasons for you to become successful. I am aware that not everyone will approve of my principles and ideas but it is not possible to please everyone anyway. I would like to be the inner voice of those who do not believe in themselves, the voice that gets women and mums wake up and realise their tremendous powers. I would like to use this page to remind you all that you are worthy of love, attention and effort. You are only feeling low because of the scars you collected over the years. Life happens and you meet people and they act in a way or do things or say things that make you feel undeserving, inadequate so that you no longer claim time for yourself, you no longer look after yourself. You are so busy juggling a job or studies or family, dog, household, etc. that you put yourself somewhere at the bottom of your priority list. So you gain weight, stop learning new things, no longer achieve new exciting goals and with your reduced energy levels you stop fighting for yourself. 

I wish to be the voice that reminds you that you can be a good person even if you claim space and thrive and achieve. You can be the amazing mother or partner you want to be even if you fit in exercise into your day. Exercise, movement and health does not have to cost money and it does not have to be performed away from your family. It is absolutely possible for you to be active having fun with your kids and set a healthy and good example to them. 

My wish for you is that you realize how powerful you are. The potential of becoming a mum or being a mum already gives you power to make this a better world. You are the one doing all the food shopping and cooking and you are managing a whole household so you can be the person cooking the quick and healthy meals. You are feeding a family, it is not the other way round. If you choose to invest into healthy nutrition and control your portions and drag the kids out to hulahoop or skip or play badminton then you contribute to the development of a healthier society and even a better food industry. As long as the kids are playing outside the house remains tidy, too. If people do not buy the unhealthy convenience food the producers come to the conclusion that the lack of market indicates they need to put good nutrition on the shelves. You are powerful as a mother by setting an example, powerful as a consumer by purchasing the good things, powerful as a partner by feeling happy and confident and complete in your skin. If you are happy with who you are you make everyone's life happier. You are not selfish if you keep fit and diet - as long as you are creative and doing it in a healthy way you are doing the world and your family an excellent service. 

So I would like to turn the switch in your head: from victim mindset please adjust to the winner powerful goddess mindset. You have to fully believe that you are the solution because YOU ARE. With every decision you make you are making an impact. Deeply realize the power of your decisions and be always fully present.  

About Me

I am 36 and was born in Hungary but spent all my adult life in the UK and when I became a mum I went a bit crazy and felt like I need to get going to give my daughter a better life. So started travelling a bit, moved to Hungary and then to Latvia where we are staying now. 

I qualified and worked in the UK for many years as a hulahoop stage performer and instructor, personal trainer, kettlebell and freestyle skipping rope instructor, Olympic Weightlifting coach and even competed and won 1st place Showgirl at the Miss Galaxy Universe, UK. 

Life was not always about fitness though. I was never keen on sports and P.E. at school so for many years I was not active but overweight. I was not a picture of health and had a rather appalling diet. It was work in the UK and part time studying at the British School of Osteopathy in London that made me realise that I am not quite the role model for a fit and healthy lifestyle that I should be if I wanted to work as an Osteopath. So because it looked so health-promoting and fun I started hooping in the privacy of my own garden. Somehow got very addicted to the fun and sense of achievement and because as a result I went down from a UK size 14 to a size 8 I felt so great so I never wanted to stop. Before hooping I never was in shape and never thought I would have the confidence to wear a bikini in public or even shorts... I generally lacked confidence and never believed I could achieve anything physical or ever feel attractive. So hulahooping has changed pretty much everything. So much so that I became a full time hulahooper and went on to work in entertainment and fitness from then onwards. That is how I got all my fun qualifications relating to training and exercise. I live and breathe health and wellness now. It is life. 

The courses I have completed obviously helped tremendously but it is the time I've spent working with individuals trying to get in shape and travelling and experiencing cultures that supported my learning the most. I feel I have accumulated enough knowledge to help people live a healthier and happier life.


When I gave birth to my daughter my partner developed depression and left us so I was juggling a business, household and a new baby all on my own with zero support from friends and family. I was eating out of tins because I had no time to prepare food for myself or wash dishes and was sleepless up all night with my newborn breastfeeding and working during the day stressing all month whether I made enough to pay our bills... At the time I did not realize how much all this hardship has done for us. The priceless lessons learnt, the set of values developed and the tenacity and strengths and skills acquired in the process have made me feel powerful beyond measure and that is something nobody can ever take away from me and I am very proud of. This is why I share and try to inspire those who are struggling.  There is always a way, always a lesson and always a blessing. May You all discover all you need to conquer your battles and feel like a champion. You absolutely can.