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40-day Hulahoop Challenge for BEGINNERS


by now you should feel like a champ! and you absolutely are a champion!

order a hulahoop for more advanced ADULTS if you fancy making progress & speeding it up more:  CLICK here!

your old big hoop you will still be using for learning lots of things but for the moves you can already do effortlessly you will love your smaller hoop. 

Having more hoops is great for hooping with others - while you are showing off with your new smaller hoop you can share your bigger one to inspire a hoop buddy for yourself. 

Go through each day with a smile & can-do attitude & fall in love with your amazing body

day 37

day 40

Half way there, you absolute champion! 

Take your measurements & photos again, Gorgeous!

To get the 2nd half of the 40day challenge please help me a little by:


- posting a selfie with your hulahoop onto your Facebook profile - it can be just a simple pic of just your hand holding your hoop or you can show off your tricks in a quick video or just sit in your hoop - use your creativity as you like. I really need others to be inspired, too so they can see it is not just me who can hulahoop, let's spread the hoop love.  

- please tag my page "Bee Varga" & tell your friends about what you've learned or achieved or how exciting this all is that one can just learn online for FREE. As soon as you tagged me I should receive a notification so I get back to you instantly with the link for the next 20 days. If not, maybe Facebook did not notify me about the tag so send me your tagged post into my inbox to get the next 20 days <3 hope you are excited! Imagine what you can achieve in 40 days if you got this far in 20 <3