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Your 4 weeks of Reboot to make the rest of your life the best of your life

feel free to include any that you like or not include any that you do not like 

Obviously the more you do the better results you get but this is not a competition and there is no deadline... this is a journey and you take it from where you are with what you have. 

Day 1

- sign up for the FREE 40 day hulahoop challenge, click here if you haven't done it yet. 

- do the first workout in the 40 day Hulahoop Challenge. Aim to follow the challenge & do a workout from there every day.

- increase your water intake to aid your body's natural digestion & elimination processes. If you need more info click here. Just have a water bottle with you everywhere you go so you do not get dehydrated.

- Send me a message on Facebook to book your FREE 45 minute consultation ( can be flexible so we do less if you have less time ). In the message we can find a suitable time & day to do your Facebook Messenger video call with me. For this I need you to write down a few things very honestly:

 - What are your goals, dreams that you are hoping to achieve with your healthy eating & hooping & shiny new chapter? It can be little short term or big bold long term goals, too.

 - What are the obstacles you are facing? What is your struggle? Why do you think you are not where you wish to be?

 - Why are you ready for the new chapter? What makes you believe that it is time to change? Why do you need to figure things out? What is your reason for wanting to succeed? 

This is all for today! If you do not manage to do it all today, relax, there's always tomorrow <3 


Day 2

- day 2 workout of the FREE 40 day hulahoop challenge, if it ever happens that you cannot fit in a workout, that is fine. Chin up, chest up, keep going - at least keep the consumption pristine.

- it happens that we cannot prepare, sometimes life gets busy and we do not have prepared healthy meals and snacks. If you ever find yourself so busy or overwhelmed that you did not manage to prep & eat healthy things try & do this:

  Celebrate because your lifestyle is teaching you to do Intermittent Fasting to achieve great results. This is no time to feel sorry for yourself and feel like a failure. You are rocking it! Intermittent Fasting is not something I just made up! It works, is awesome and your best friend when you want to look and feel youthful & pretty. To understand how it works simply check the info by clicking here

- by now you should have booked your FREE consultation with me. If you haven't done so, please message me on Facebook so we can pick a day & time we can chat. 

Day 3

- day 3 workout of the FREE 40 day hulahoop challenge

the foods and drinks you like and have access to are all individual to You! I will not be forcing a meal plan on you because that is very hard to sustain. We are not doing a 4 week strict meal plan regime so that at the end you feel glad it is over and then go back to your old lifestyle... What we are doing is: we fine-tune that lifestyle that you have to make it better, to make it work for you. Slowly you get educated to make better choices and improve your mindset, too. So it is fine if you skipped meals and if you were unprepared and did not eat we remain calm and accept it as a fast, part of your shiny new intermittent fasting habits. BUT when you do eat, it should be things you consider healthy & slimming & energising: when you prepare your meals try and think about who you are feeding: are you feeding a sedentary sad procastinator constantly feeling sorry for herself? or are you feeding a LEAN, SEXY, GO-Getter MACHINE who is getting into shape & loving life? Who are you feeding? Feed her goodness, feed her nutrition to get her muscles firm & gorgeous, to get her skin tight & glowing & feed her healthy good fats so she is not hungry! Click Here for some info about good fats.