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Change your life -1-2-1

Your 1-2-1 consultation  - 45 minutes video call with Bee 

No time? No energy? No mojo? 

Are you giving up completely or waiting for Xmas to be over? and then after half term you start the diet? or you get the gym membership after Easter? How about just rocking every damn day like a boss & every minute feeling like you've got this figured out? 

Often we talk ourselves out of doing things that could make life amazing. We postpone workouts or start the diet next Monday or after Easter... Excuses seem to grow everywhere like mushrooms in our busy hectic and demanding life and we just never claim time for ourselves, never go for our big bold dreams & fail to even get started. Let's look at your situation from the outside and identify opportunities you've not noticed, let's tidy up your nutrition and fine-tune your day & mindset to get you closer to the happy & healthy & fit YOU who you desire to be. A nutritional and lifestyle consultation that will crush your excuses and saturate you with a love for your life & body. Available online - book your appointment & let's meet for a video call to figure YOUR life out for you.

Book now & never look back. 




Learn about wild edibles

Wild edibles are free of charge, organic, non-GMO & zero airmiles & full of divine nutrition. Get started with our guide for absolute beginners.



get accountable

Your 1-2-1 consultation  - 20 minutes video call with Bee 

Already had your REBOOT consultation? REPORT BACK! 

You need to be held accountable! Someone needs to be happy for your achievements however small or massive they may be. You get your personal cheerleader who will pick you up if you fell, who will kick you in the bum if you got still and stuck, someone to inspire you to keep going because it is worth it. The biggest project on your priority list should be to improve you and your life and then the rest will all become easy & doable. Supercharge your life & keep that momentum by having a buddy to keep pulling you upwards and forwards. 

Only takes 20 minutes of your week but will mean the world to you when you know that you are not alone and you are making progress. 

Let's face it: you sort of know what you should be eating, you know you should be working out but you still don't do it and constantly self-sabotaging every single time. 

Let me be the person who will stop you before you push your goals away again!




Recipes for a healthy gut

Where I come from we still grow & prepare all our own food and recipes of fermentation get passed down from generation to generation. Heal your gut with these yummie 



accelerate your hooping

Your 1-2-1 hooping session - 60 minutes video call with Bee 

Feeling stuck in your hoop practice? Have you got questions nobody can answer? Are you ready to move on to the next level & need expert guidance? 

Well this is the session you need. 

With 11 years of experience working as one of the busiest & most popular Hulahoop Performers & Hulahoop Instructors I can help you in all areas of Hulahooping.  

Trying to get fitter with hoops as a beginner? Want to get started but no clue how? Trying to start teaching hooping? Want to set up your own classes? Want to start up your own hoop business? Want to start performing & making money with your hoop skills. Stuck in a rut & need inspiration? Want to become an advanced & professional hooper?

You get a whole hour to pick my brains & get supercharged with enthusiasm & love for your hoop. 

Get ready & prepare all your questions, ideas, concerns & we address them all & more. 



Mindful Recipes